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YOCREBS 2020 | Youth Creative Building Skills (YOCREBS)


                  Youth Creative Building Skills (YOCREBS)

(A Millennium Development Goal Project)

Creating employment opportunity for the youth


SCOPE: Yocrebs is to free participants from the bondage of depending on white-collar collar job (Be a manager of people through creativity)

Unemployment is one of the major problems facing the youths globally and one of the ways to address it is through creative skills and entrepreneurship to bring a huge potential for sustainability of the economy in Africa, which will catalyze reducing migration and unproductive among the youths.

The YOCREBS is an abbreviation of Youth Creative Building Skills. The scheme aims to support the creation of sustainable and to tackling grievances arising social norm among the youth, this will drastically reduce violence, radicalization, unemployment, irregular migration, bad habit, idleness and depression through the increase of Professional Skills. It will enhance them to be useful and be better citizens.

We hereby call upon interested Philanthropist, who deserves a good legacy to extend their support for this initiative, either in cash or through materials needed for the kick-off.

We can make the full proposal available on request.

The programme shall be made free for 150 youths quarterly

Skills Areas

=> Computer Basic Training

=> 2 and 3D Animation

=> Graphic Design and Branding concepts

=> Event Management and Protocol work (CIM Concept)

=> Voice over Acting (Studio work)

=> Artisan Trades

=> Agricultural Training And Others

Download Yocrebs Application form for free and fill the appropriates gap and email to info@digipsedu.net.ng